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Have you been shunned by the industry banks while trying to get a car loan? Are you looking to work with a company that truly wants your business? If this sounds like you, Buy Here Pay Here Gainesville FL is the right place for you. With the current state of the economy, if you are like the average citizen of the United States, your credit score has likely taken a dip or at least been impacted. The good news is Buy Here Pay Here Gainesville FL has created a system that has been designed specifically to help people just like you.

Most of our business is done with consumers who have either poor credit or do not have any type of credit at all. Our team is very experienced at working with the obstacles that many people face when they are trying to get a car loan. All that you have to do is to apply for an auto loan on our site. The process is quick and easy and all applications will be accepted. 

What are the Benefits of In House Financing?

When going through a bank to get an auto loan, chances are they are going to want to hurry you through the entire process, only to make you sit and wait forever to get approved. Some banks will take days or even weeks to approve a car loan for a person. If you are like most people, you need a car now. You do not have time to wait through a long and drawn out process in order to get approved.

How Buy Here Pay Here Gainesville FL Works

So, you are probably wondering how the BHPH Gainesville FL system works. First, the process starts out when you submit an application with your information. The application process typically only takes a few minutes to finish. Once you have submitted the application, we will try to find a Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Gainesville FL who will provide you with car loan financing. Once this process is completed, if you are approved and after we have done all of the shopping around for you, a specialist will get in touch with you to review the different loan and payment options that are available for you. Once you have agreed on the negotiating terms, you can go to the car dealership in Gainesville FL and pick out the car that you want. There are times when all of this can be completed in just a single day. The time that it takes will depend on how much information you provide and how fast you want or need the process to be completed.Buy-here-pay-here-gainesville-fl

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Why Dealerships Offer In-House Financing

In house financing started during one of the first financial crisis in the United States that occurred in the 1970s. This form of financing is once again seeing a surge since the financial crisis that started in 2008 and is still present today. It has become more difficult for some people to obtain loans through banks, which is why car dealerships in Gainesville FL have been working with customers who may not have the best credit.

One of the reasons that dealerships are willing to work with individuals who have less than stellar credit is because many dealerships have cash flow problems. Often, these car dealerships will purchase their inventory using a line of credit. These lines of credit will typically require that the dealership pays off the loan for the vehicle within 90 days of buying it. This means that the car dealer is operating using the money from the bank and they need to turn their units over as fast as they can in order to not have to pay off the loan for their inventory before it is sold. Since the dealership needs to sell cars as fast as possible, it is in their best interest to offer their own financing in order to get the vehicles out the door. This is why you are able to obtain loans with poor or no credit. Simply put, it is in the dealer’s best interest to get rid of their inventory as fast as possible. 

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If you have less than perfect credit or are tired with the banks giving you the run around, Buy Here Pay Here Gainesville FL is here to help. The application process is really easy and can be completed from the comfort of your own home on your tablet, mobile phone, or personal computer. The entire application can be completed in just a few minutes time and all applications will be accepted. Typically, a financial specialist will be in touch with you in just an hour after submitting your application if it was submitted during business hours. If you need a car, contact us today.

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