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Are you tired of being shunned away when you attempt to get an auto loan from one of the industry Banks? Are you looking for a company that appreciates and desires your business? Well, Buy Here Pay Here Jacksonville FL is the place for you.Jacksonville-FL As a result of the recent economic state, if you’re like the average United States citizen, your credit score has probably been drastically impacted. Fortunately, Buy Here Pay Here Jacksonville FL has developed a system specifically designed to accommodate you. The majority of our business is conducted with customers that have either bad or no credit at all. Therefore, we are extremely experienced in overcoming the obstacles that lie ahead in terms of obtaining your car loan. All that’s needed is for you to apply for a car loan on our website.

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Here at Buy Here Pay Here Jacksonville FL we understand the extent of how overwhelming everyday life can be. Between your kids, work, hobbies and other responsibilities that you may have. It is difficult for one person to handle by themselves. With that in mind, BHPH Jacksonville FL provides a service meant to make your life easier. After you’ve completed your auto loan form, we will begin doing the rest of the work. In the Jacksonville area there are several BHPH Car Dealerships. Many of these Car Dealers are in a business relationship with us. So in essence, instead of you going to the BHPH Car Dealership, we go there for you. Once we’ve narrowed down the options, we’ll connect you with the right one. In recent years technology has made tremendous advancements, so why not take advantage of it and use our system.


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How long will I have to wait before I can go get my car? I’m sure that’s what you’re wondering. We’ll go through the process. To reiterate, the process begins after you’ve submitted your application information (which usually takes a couple minutes). We will attempt to locate a BHPH car dealership that will provide you with auto financing. Once that has been done (if you’ve been approved), and after we’ve done the shopping around for you, you will be in touch with a specialist that will review loan and payment options. When the negotiating terms are agreed upon, you will be able to go to the car lot and pick out the car that you desire. At times this can be achieved in the same day, it all depends on what time your information provided and how fast you want to go.

Additional benefits

Car Lots that operate with a Buy Here Pay Here concept means you will be provided In House Financing. This means the BHPH car dealer themselves will be lending you the money for the vehicle. This will increase the probabilities of a person with bad credit get approved for an auto loan.  So if you have bad credit, this can be a great opportunity to begin restoring it. In order to improve your credit score you must first establish it. This can be done by purchasing a car through a Jacksonville, FL Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer. As a result, you will acquire a loan, make payments on time, and show that you can be relied on to pay off a car loan. Once this is done, your credit will eventually improve. Eventually opening up many more doors of opportunity that requires a good credit rating. In the meantime, while improving your credit, you can enjoy driving around town in your nice new car.


For whatever reason you need a new car, whether it be due to problems with your current car, or the fact that you don’t presently own a car. If you need a car to drive your kids to school/daycare/sporting events, etc., or for transportation to and from school or work. Maybe you are just ready for an upgrade, whatever the case may be, it doesn’t mater, Buy Here Pay Here Jacksonville FL wants to help you achieve your goal of obtaining auto financing and buying a new car. So click the button below and get started today!

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