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We are very confident that Buy Here Pay Here South Florida is the best option for you when purchasing your next car. From obtaining a car loan to finding the actual used or new car that you want, BHPH South Florida the place for you. Most individuals on the market for a car face a multitude of problems when attempting to get approved for a car loan. We are going to make your experience of getting a loan and buying a car much easier. Usually the car buying process begins with visiting a bank and submitting an application with a large quantity of information. Furthermore, you might not even get approved. Banks run credit checks, assess your employment history, and perform all sorts of procedures that will take a very long time. Additionally, this process occurs while you are physically present at the bank. That’s not the case with BHPH South FL, we offer a service that allows you to go through this process all while being at work, home, etc. Another benefit for our prospective customers is that our process is speedy, reliable and secure. All that’s needed is for you to provide a limited amount of information on our free of cost car loan applicationThen in no time you should receive your approval and get contacted by a participating Buy Here Pay Here car dealer in the S. Florida area.

A service that is provided for you Online to obtain an auto loan

When using BHPH South Florida all you have to do is complete our online application. After this is done, we will do our work and find an available Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot that is in the South Florida area. We have a large network with several BHPH Car Dealers in the South Florida region. This network was built to help you as the car buyer encounter the best experience possible. The process is completely free and should take approximately “1 minute”.buy-here-pay-here-south-florida

The system does not discriminate, it’s for everyone

All is well if you have great credit, obviously we can help you. But no worries for those of you with poor, bad or no credit at all. At Buy Here Pay Here South Florida there are a variety of financial problems that our customers are dealing with, from foreclosures to bankruptcies, but I’m going to tell you now, you don’t have to worry you’re at the right place. The car dealers in our network typically offer In-House financing, this will give them the flexibility to approve car buyers that are in many different difficult financial situations, regardless of your credit score.

100% Acceptance? Is This Going To Take Forever?

Every customer that submits an application with Buy Here Pay Here South Florida will receive an acceptance. I will warn you though, if you submit invalid or incorrect information, your application will be rejected. So confirm that all your information is correct. After a properly completed application is submitted, a participating car dealership in South Florida should be in contact with you in approximately 45-60 mins.  If your application is submitted after business hours, it could take 24 hours for someone to contact you. Our network is nationwide and designed to enable customers to go online and apply via home computer, laptop, tablet or cellular phone. It’s available to you at any time, it’s secure, fast and easy. This way you receive your approval first, which will eliminate any doubt when it’s time for you to go to the car lot and purchase your new car.

As mentioned previously, you will most likely be in a situation where you’ll be provided In-House Financing. With this type of financing you will be provided financing by the dealership that also owns the car you are purchasing. All your installments will be made to the BHPH car dealer. This will eliminate the need to deal with a bank


If you’ve had bad experiences with banks in the past and had a difficult time getting approved for a car loan, Buy Here Pay Here South Florida is definitely for you. We have a great system with a variety of options that targets the specific needs of each customer. Our goal is to offer you as many options as possible and insure that you are informed. So help us start working for you. Stop waiting, submit your application so we can begin and you can get the car that you deserve.apply now